1. Onsite Staff Augmentation: Talk to us about skilled professionals – Contact us for immediate project needs that require skilled QA professionals to be quickly on-boarded and with the flexibility to ramp down with short notice.

2. Remote Staff Augmentation: We understand that your businesses may sometime require a low cost alternate with a flexibility to be able to work from a remote location and continue to provide same quality services. Evaluate our remote Tech Forum and know how they have helped hundreds of customers worldwide in their project requirements.

The primary difference between Onsite and  a Remote worker is

a. The location

b. The flexibility in number of hrs/ time zone

c. The significant difference in per hour cost

d. The ability to do very quick on boarding or off boarding with minimal paper work.

e. Make a great ROI representation to your management.

These remote workforce services are well bagged with our experienced project leads, who would monitor the ongoing activities and for immediate point of escalation and resolution and provide further solutions to your growing needs.